How to Design Your Thanksgiving Tablescape: Decor & Settings

Tablescaping is the act of creatively and intentionally arranging a tabletop so that it conveys a specific theme, mood, or experience. -Stephanie Stiavetti at

This year, as we gain more amazing artists at the shop I have more resources to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape. 

The Inspiration
I wanted this table to feel organic. Simple, yet thoughtful and vibrant. Vibrant... but muted? I'm cray. It's fine. I know these things.

My muse are the many vintage pieces we have been lucky enough to have handed down to us over time. Some pieces I have repainted and others are gems that hang on our walls. The ship artwork is one such collection over time.  Even more special, my husband's Great Grandmother painted four of our collected pieces.
Thanksgiving tablescape inspired by vintage pieces and collected ship artwork
The Process
I started with a drop cloth from a hardware store and stripped the sides to create a fray on each end. This helped add texture to the first layer. 
Next, I added the white jar. It comes with a lid which I love for later use. They are large and super affordable. 
You can scour your local hobby store or pop by and see us at Gibson Co. for the stems. Just make sure you grab some with the moldable and bendable wire. I manipulated the wire to lay evenly in each direction over the table. Yum.
My base done, it was time to build with special touches.
Custom hand lettered place cards by Maki creative on Thanksgiving tablescape
These place cards, by Maki Creative, are custom made-to-order and add so much detail and thought to my table. Everyone leaves my home knowing I cared enough to spend time having a place card made with their name on it.
Brass candlesticks and blueberry sprigs on Thanksgiving tablescape
Brass candlesticks added the warmth I was looking for. Find them at local thrift stores or sometimes we have them occasionally in the shop. And, the color in these blueberry sprigs make ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE.
Thankful sign on buffet as part of Thanksgiving tablescape and decor
The "Thankful" sign I added to the buffet help to bring the entire room together. Don't forget, your tablescape is more than JUST the table.
Vintage hand stamped table glasses
My favorite part of this table are my vintage stamped cups. They are numbered from 1-10... I'm going to list reasons you need this set:
  1. Beautiful
  2. Handmade 
  3. Everyone has a number and knows who's cup is who's. 
  4. No more dry erase markers. 
  5. Useful for the holidays and every event after that. 
  6. Unique. 
  7. Enough said. 
Hope you leave inspired to create your own masterpiece. If you recreate this look your way please send us pics!