The Gibson Gift Guide 2019

Gifting is hard, we get it. It’s never ending, expensive, and...wait a minute...I have to give a gift for them, too?? Does it ever end?? We hear you, dear customer, so we decided enough is enough. Here is your one-stop, ultimate cheat sheet for all things gift buying. We’re calling it The Gibson Gift Guide, but it’s yours. Download it, print it, hang it on your fridge and hold it close as your countdown continues. We’re pretty confident that this is the only gift guide you’ll need this year.

The Woman Who Never Buys For Herself

We’re taking this gift guide chronologically, assuming the people with significant importance will want to be bought for first. This is for the woman who just doesn’t treat herself first. She thinks twice before buying a new pair of shoes...enough those she’s worn down the soles of the rest of them. Let’s be real -- she makes your life a million times better (and probably cleaner). She deserves something super special this year -- take a look at what we’re suggesting

  • Able Selam Magazine ToteDesigned to be versatile and practical for all of your daily needs, the Selam Tote will help keep you organized throughout your day. Whether you're heading to brunch with friends or shopping around town, the Selam Tote will add an air of sophistication to your casual look.
  • Able Alem Utility Bag: As a mom of 3, Francesca wanted an everyday bag that works for her real life but that she also loves to carry. While we definitely had moms in mind, this leather bag's multiple zippers + pockets will keep you organized in any stage of life.
  • Clarissa Gibson Custom Necklace: Dainty blends with bold, as this open circle necklace is adorned with your perfect word to carry around your neck.

Your People

We all have them. They knock at your door just before you punch a hole in the wall. They slide a hot meal onto the counter and hand you a bottle of your favorite wine (or maybe two, no judgement). They get you. So get them something that says, “Thank you for saving my life, my kid’s lives, and my husband’s life so many times this year.”

  • Vintage Roux Hand Stamped Wine Glass: Hand stamped antique silver spoons take your normal stemless wine glasses and turn them into a handheld accessory that sends the perfect message.
  • BLC Design Co Boho Earrings: Go matchy-matchy or just get her a pair to match her favorite outfit. Either way, these earrings are the perfect statement piece to match anybody, any outfit, and any personality.
  • A Gibson Co. Gift Card: They want it all and nothing at the same time. No fear, a gift card will do the trick. Load it up and hand it over -- they will do the shopping for you! *Available in-store only*

Time To Freshen Up...

...your house -- you have guests coming! If you’re anything like us, you’re currently cleaning behind the fridge and restaining the front porch. Everything has to be perfect. While we can’t recommend any special cleaning regimens, we can help you not sweat the small stuff. Stock the guest bathrooms with yummy smells that will leave a lasting impression. But maybe not too long lasting?? You don’t need to host again next year.

  • Southern E-Scentuals Soap: Available in a wonderful array of scents (Oatmeal, Milk + Honey, Pink Chiffon, and Rosemary Mint -- Oh my!) Southern E-Scentuals is just what your spare bathrooms need. These soaps are all-natural and handmade in small batches so they are safe for even the little guests.
  • Reed Fragrance Diffuser: Delight guests with classic scents such as Moss + Amber, Warm + Cozy, and Leaves in an aesthetically pleasing way that even Cousin Eddie can’t ruin (you won’t lose your Christmas tree this year).
  • K&S Soapworks Sugar Scrub: Handmade in small batches by a sweet Mother/Daughter duo, these sugar scrubs are made to leave everyone’s hands clean, exfoliated, and smelling oh-so festive.

Great Aunt Matilda

Alternatively, your impossible-to-shop-for grandma or older next door neighbor or whoever that person in your life is that makes the best chocolate chip cookies. Maybe they are staying at your house this year or they knitted you the softest scarf in the world last year and it’s time just to repay the favor; whatever the reason to add them to your list this year, we have a feeling that we know what they want:

  • Flow Inspirations Lazy Susan: Handmade with love, these make the perfect addition to anyone’s buffet table, kitchen nook, coffee table, or dinner table. Accented with encouraging words that apply all year long, this is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Nora Fleming: Nora Fleming took the world by storm in 2004. The unique take on serve ware is an instant hit for all ages. One serving piece (Might we suggest the Bread Tray?) can be paired with endless, always updating Mini’s to accent every holiday.

The Ornament Exchange, Without The Ornament

You’ve got the evite sitting in your inbox right now; the ornament exchange. Somehow, some way, they have invented a party that might be just a little worse than a White Elephant gift exchange (Who started that madness?).  Maybe you have your ornament already or maybe you don’t (we have those, too), either way have you thought about the host of your party? They’ve opened their homes to you and the rest of your crazy group -- they deserve a thanking!

  • 5and2 Studio HousePlant Calendar: Each month is represented with a hand painted water watercolor house plant, paired with the appropriate name. You can enjoy the plants as the months go by and, when it’s all said and done, the backs of each month double as a full art print of the plants, so you can continue to enjoy the art even after the year is over!
  • Savannah Bee yumminess: Savannah Bee, a well-known honey company, has proven to be a reigning champion over host/hostess gifts. We highly recommend the honeycomb, but all of their sweet products (with an even sweeter story) are a great way to say "Thank you for having me. And not making me host. And cleaning your bathroom so nicely." 

Yoga Instructor...

...or your daughter’s teachers or your son’s baseball coach or your husband’s favorite mechanic. Whoever it is, they have been in the background of your life -- silently making it better. Extend some generosity to them, too! They deserve it!

  • Southern E-Scentuals Bath Bomb: Known to our most faithful customers as the “best bath bombs in the world” (not endorsed), they are pretty much a crowd favorite. Encourage a relaxing bath with one of these -- they come in a fun array of scents and flavors, you just can’t go wrong.
  • Inis Fragrance Anything and Everything: This clean and fresh fragrance inspired by the ocean is everyone’s favorite. Available in unisex cologne, incredible hand cream, and a fragrance diffuser; this is the gift that keeps everyone smelling like their happy place.
  • Farmhouse Fresh Self Care Gift Basket: With 2 choices of size (each with 2 variations in featured scents), you really can’t go wrong or break the budget on this one. High quality, vegan, cruelty-free self care products meet unique packaging for a seamless gifting experience.

Uncle Orville

Okay, maybe not him, but we all have that guy. He’s here for Christmas -- he’s actually always here for Christmas -- but...what does he do anyway? You know he’s coming, but always push his gift until the very last minute because he’s impossible to shop for and, again, what does he do?? Don’t fret anymore, we’ve got a few suggestions for you:

  • OldGolf.Club Bottleopener: It’s made out of an old golf club, it’s a bottle opener, what more do you need?
  • Socks Love Seasoning: Steven Socks, owner of Socks Love Barbeque right here in Forsyth County, is credited by his faithful customers to have some of the best barbeque around (we agree!). Maybe good old Grandpa Joe is a bit of a pit master himself (in training); compliment his endeavor with some tried and true seasonings.
  • Southern Socks: Okay, these are real socks. Stitched with southern slang or a little classic ATL action; these are a great way for him to switch up his typical black sock look.

Uhh ...Christmas is in 48 hours

Okay...don’t freak out but Christmas is literally right around the corner and so-and-so still doesn’t have a gift with their name on it under the tree. And they just called to tell you that they are 2 hours out. We’ve been there, we’ve felt the heart palpitations, we’ve wrapped whatever sweater with the tags still on it in the closet as fast we could but maybe we can throw something together for you this year?

  • Love Well Tee Shirt: Unisex, soft, encouraging, trendy, and a great message -- it has it all. Love Well is a staple here in FOCO, share the love with your loved one’s this year!
  • Maki Creative Hand-lettered Hanging Print: Each one of these lovely verses is hand-lettered by Maki. She carefully creates something for everyone -- verses and mantras for anyone to feel encouraged by.
  • Wander North Georgia Hat: Wander is a staple brand for the adventurer in your life. Campers, Climbers, and all around outdoors-y folk, they just love it. Encourage their love for the great outdoors with a new hat that matches their hiking boots perfectly.
  • Oh, and how about a card: Nothing feels more “I didn’t just get this 10 minutes ago” like a hand written card. Okay, they didn’t make it on your original gift buying list, but you do appreciate them -- make sure they know it!

And there you have it, folks. Gift buying doesn’t have to be the stressor of your holiday -- let the turkey do that. Or your Mother-in-law.  We digress, we want you to win Christmas this year. For something quick, compact and to the point, download the gift guide PDF, complete with budget suggestions and a timeline to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

And, seriously, if all else fails, we have gift cards.

Best of luck, shoppers! We’ll see ya soon!

Download the gift guide here!!

**This post is brought to you by the staff of The Gibson Co and written by the most awesome keeper-of-the-store, also known as the Store Manager, Ashleigh Todd.**