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Clarissa is the Founder, Owner and CEO of The Gibson Co. Marketplace which started out many years ago as The Redo Gal, a humble business that she began which encompassed her unprecedented design, remodel and retrofitting skills by transforming newer pieces of furniture to have a more “vintage” appeal. 
Her drive, natural design acuity and her “never quit” ambition (which is by default, one of her core values) has manifested itself to become The Gibson Co. Marketplace, a concept which brings local exclusive artists together under one roof to serve their perspective local communities. 
So now it’s time to “give back” -another of her core values- and stay close to her “re-do” roots, so she, along with Wendy are ready to assist others in building their own boutiques by introducing The Boutique Redo.

Clarissa Gibson

Wendy knew early on she wanted to be a store owner. Through college she focused on business and retail management classes. She opened a bridal boutique at the young age of 22.  Wendy now brings 25 years of retail and customer service skills to the table. She was recently named COO of The Gibson Co Marketplace.
With a tell it like it is attitude and a heart for teaching she loves training anyone from a greeter to a business owner. Having been married for 20 years and parenting a 12 year old daughter, its important to Wendy to maintain a healthy work life and family life balance and through The Boutique Redo she gets to show others how to do that too!"

Wendy Canup


Success does not come easy, we believe this concept will help us impart our proven success to others, while also helping to avoid the pitfalls that come when starting a business on your own from scratch. And there are pitfalls…The Boutique Redo will now be available to those who may have the dream … but need the tools.


Coffee Consult

An exclusive 1 hour long Q&A consultation session. The first step in giving your dreams a life. The most affordable way to run ideas by us or have us help you with that issue that is driving you nuts! It happens. Stumped on where to begin? You bring the questions, we have the answers and more!

consult and a plan

Includes our Coffee Consultation for a one hour Q & A meeting and our in “Pandemic to Profit Secrets Presentation” which includes our Grand Opening Checklist, Marketing Secrets, Leasing Tools, Etc. It's the perfect option for a growing Boutique stuck in a rut or a new Owner looking to gain tools for the future.

ground up

Our Full Service Package is a hands-on, in person training experience for you and your staff designed to help guide you through the opening or Redo process. We will walk through our “Pandemic to Profit Secrets Handbook" which covers everything you need to know about anything and everything.


The Boutique Redo coaching helped me learn when to diversify and when to niche down, how to better merchandise my collections, and how to ride the “retail wave” month to month. My monthly sales increased by 10, 30, then 40% after implementing their strategies! If you’re looking to learn retail, they are the people to learn from. They are honest, open, and gifted in understanding the topic and how to make the most of your brand. 

Kalie Owner of Rohi Clothing, GA

Clarissa and Wendy are two of the best in the business! Being able  to have 1-1 access to their expert industry knowledge was transformative and unbelievably helpful for my startup boutique. I know it would be whether you’re new to the game or have established clientele. They answered my laundry list of questions in the hour long consult, and even brought questions to the table that I had yet to consider. 10/10 would recommend the coffee consult to anyone in the beginning stages of opening a retail store or looking for a refresh, these ladies do not disappoint!

Jenny Owner of The Good Market, SC

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