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Hand Stamped Vintage Spoon: Mug

Vintage Roux

This mug is very, very punny! Make yourself smile each morning as your sip your coffee.

Don't forget to add a bag of signature Gibson Co. coffee!


  • Cool Beans
  • Antique spoons
  • Glass
  • Hand wash

About the Artist

Katina Krass makes hand stamped vintage spoon art and wares come to life in her garage studio...where you might imagine finding many an artisan. But, it's the elementary classroom, for over 20 years, where she has been handing down her passion and Fine Arts background to a new generation. 
Vintage Roux, Katina's unique collection of vintage, up-cycled spoon jewelry, goods and wares, has a signature style you'll be able to recognize in shops from Atlanta to New Orleans. While many have tried to duplicate her technique, the craftsmanship of Vintage Roux is truly one-of-a kind.