Find Joy Long Sleeve Tee

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Printed on a Color Comforts 100% cotton t-shirt.

“Finding joy in another’s joy,
That is the secret to happiness

It was like she had left me the secret ingredient to a billion dollar recipe. Like every problem I’d ever face could be solved with this simple verse. No more advice needed, this little secret would fix everything.

This verse was forever engraved on a 19 year olds heart as she rummaged through the purse and final belongings of her Mom’s, she came across it scribbled down on a little piece of paper. Her Mom was beautiful, her Mom was everything to her. Her Mom wouldn’t leave this earth without leaving a legacy.

That tiny piece of paper was meant to start a movement. And today I wear it’s words on my “almost” 40 year old arm. Written in Spanish to pay homage to my maternal bloodline. Written in my husband’s handwriting because he brings me joy and gave me my beautiful daughter. Also to honor his Mother who exuded joy more than anyone I’ve ever known.

So here’s the starting line...I hope you join me! I hope you join me in finding joy in the simple things. I hope you run through open doors to find your joy. I hope you share this post or even a shirt with your circle. Those people you find joy in, in their hearts, their successes, their friendship, their guidance, in the way they love.