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Lucy the Lapdog- Weighted Plush Dog and Book

Lucy the Lapdog

Lucy the Lapdog is the creation of an occupational therapist and is the perfect calming companion! While Lucy was initially designed as a tool for children with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder. Not just for children, Lucy has also provided immense comfort to adults and those with dementia and anxiety.

Lucy the Lapdog is unique! She features a removable, weighted lap pad, satin-lined ears, and weighted, embroidered paws. Children will love the companion book which helps them discover Lucy’s sensory needs, and in turn, to identify their own. Bring Lucy the Lapdog into your home or classroom to help your little ones navigate through their often-times overstimulating world.


  • Lucy the lapdog
  • Companion book


    • Removable weighted lap pad
    • Satin-lined ears

    About the Artist


    Christy Bennett is a local occupational therapist who works with children of all ages. Through her experiences as an OT and as a mother of two, she found the need for a tool to help children cope in their overstimulating world. 

    Lucy the Lapdog is the result of her knowledge of sensory processing combined with her understanding of what children love. The weighted stuffed animal and accompanying book is based on her actual dogLucy, who had her own issues with anxiety and sensory needs.

    Christy’s mission is to spread awareness about sensory processing and to help children thrive at home and school.