Word Charm Cord Necklace

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Word Charm Cord Necklace

This necklace makes the perfect "just because" gift for a teacher, sister, mom, friend, cousin, nurse, vet, dancer, bride etc! 

Your 1.5mm 18-20 inch adjustable coffee color compressed cotton high quality cord necklace embellished will include 1 glass word charm of your choice set in a silver finish charm.   

Want to create a phrase; "not today" or "Georgia girl" etc. - Choose 2 glass charm option.   

Available Vintage Dictionary Words; 

achieve, adult, Arkansas, army, artist, aunt, babe, badass, ball, balance, baseball, be, beach, bear, beer, believe, big, blessed, bloom, bliss, bold, book, books, bossy, boy, brave, bravely, breathe

bride, Buford, cat, cheer, chic, child, choose, city, coach, coffee, corn, cousin, create, dance, define, dog, dream, drink, enough, ever, faith, fall, family, fight, football, free, 

friend, Georgia, girl, grace, grateful, grit, give, grow, gypsy, happy, have, hero, heal, hockey, home, hope, hot, hour, husker, imagine, insprie, imagine, joy, joyful, Kansas, kid, lady, lake, laugh, life, lift, live, loud, love, lover, loyal, lust, magic, make, mama, marine, mess, mimi, mom, mouth, moxie, music, nana, navy, not, nurse, Oma, plant, parent, pivot, potty, pray, purpose

read, rest, ride, rise, river, run, runner, sassy, self, serve, sew, shine, sing, sister, slayer, soar, soccer, softball, soul, spice, St Louis, strong, sun, sweet, swim, teach, tennis, Texas, thrive, today

travel, tribe, twin, vet, volley, wander, what, whisky, wife, wild, wine, wolves, worm, worthy, write, yoga, you, your

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